Concept Consultation


Beyond traditional design assistance our firm assists in setting specific goals for the project based on our client's requirements. This serves commercial, institutional and residential interests and can incorporate the expertise of financial consultants, real estate brokers, and others.  



Listening to our client's wishes is our core strength. At R. A. Stinson & Assoc., Inc. no two projects are alike and we customize our approach based on  your design needs; from assisting with the designs needed to secure financing all the way through to the construction phase.



Our external team works with you to build your project. Our contractors and their sub-contractors are selected to provide the best match based on your scope and needs.  It is essential to have the builder as part of the process from the very beginning to work through any design or costing issues as they arise.

Getting it Done


We work to move projects efficiently through the complex channels of code analysis, permitting, and cost-outs by creating a master plan and using a complete roster of experienced expeditors, contractors, sub-contractors, engineers, and other specialists. 

Change Management


Managing growth and change requires a strong network to implement a smooth process. Our team works side-by-side with clients to evaluate their needs, investigate options and provide cost and time saving solutions. 

Scalable Solutions


Whether a study to redefine use of current space, an entire renovation or the buildout of new space; we provide a solution that matches your needs.  We use a network of experienced professionals to bring state-of-the-art resources that are just the right fit for your project.